6 Reasons to Choose WordPress

May 15, 2020 10:08:03 AM / by Panos Xanthopoulos


WordPress is the most popular platform or more officially known as Content Management System for creating websites. As a matter of fact, almost one third of any existing websites out there are built on WordPress making it the most popular available website builder. In this article I will try to explain some of the most important reasons, for using WordPress for creating and managing websites.

First of all, WordPress is absolutely free, open source platform meaning that the platform’s code can easily and freely modified and distributed.

Second of all, using WordPress, developers can easily build various types of websites such as, blogs, news sites, e-shops, portfolio, landing pages, searching directories etc., easy to use for any type of user, either developer, editor or a simple website subscriber.

Furthermore, there are thousands of available templates or themes, as they called in WordPress, where in quite reasonable prices offer a complete look and feel for any website needs, with minimal need of coding. There so many themes that are distinguished in ones depending on the type of website or the business belonging industry. For example, one can find themes for an e-shop of a clothing industry or a dentist’s portfolio website.

Moreover, there is huge number of available plugins, free or premium which can extend the functionality of the platform in many ways. Some examples of plugins are a contact form, a plugin sharing content into social media, or one translating the website’s content to multiple languages.

An additional reason, is the large community of WordPress developers worldwide, thus offering support for any issues might arise while using the platform or even a specific theme or plugin used. Furthermore, on the web there are various available articles, videos of related tutorials offering solution to those problems.

Due to its high popularity, connection and integration with external tools and applications is easily accomplished. A very common example, are systems for handling bank transactions which are built to match WordPress needs.

To sum up, there are multiples advantages of the use of WordPress, some of them were explained above. WordPress offer limitless number of website templates and functionalities. The key of success is to try to identify the ones matching to your business needs and let WordPress to do all the rest!

Panos Xanthopoulos

Written by Panos Xanthopoulos

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