Advantages and disadvantages of Remote working

Apr 30, 2020 2:37:38 PM / by Panos Xanthopoulos


Remote working is a type of work where employees are based somewhere outside of the business offices. Team members have remote access to various company tools and communicate or share files using applications such as Skype or slack.

One of the main advantages of remote working, is that employees save time and money for commuting. At the same time have the ability to do other inhouse duties such as cooking, taking care of their children while not worrying how to receive an expecting delivery from the local post office. The business itself has also gains, as it reduces its operating expenses and take advantage of the skills of various talented professionals sited around the globe, frequently at much better rates.

On the other hand, isolation is of the key problems of remote working. Despite the availability of various communication channels and tools, sometime is hard to replace the physical presence. In addition, while working at home is much easier to be distracted due to lack of supervision or just by the simple presence of other people around. Other problems include, difficulties in communication or coordination as some of the team members tend to work in different hours as they may cited in places with different time zones.

One way to ensure the success or remote working, is to ensure everyone in the team has access to related programs, files, technologies or any other related resources. Furthermore, it is important to arrange frequent online meetings for monitoring project’s progress. The employees must ensure they have their privacy, and when calling of their day, getting out of the house doing other activities and meeting their close ones.

Keeping a balance between the advantages and disadvantage can give freedom and flexibility while keeping their productiveness at an appropriate level for the business needs.

Panos Xanthopoulos

Written by Panos Xanthopoulos

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