Mar 24, 2020 10:44:30 AM / by Photis Kostamis

I have started writing this article, with a different title though, with the intent to attract
readers, eventually potential customers, by explaining why we consider to be the right
partner for them in nearshoring.
Then, I realized that the web is full of blogs and sites expressing their objectiveviews on nearshoring and they all conclude by saying choose us for your software outsourcing
needs. We have all that you need, or something of the like. Adding one more similar article
to attract the attention of company executives in need of nearshore outsourcing, it would be
more than certainly a needle in a haystack.
So, how do you differentiate? After some thinking and analyzing past cases and experiences, I concluded that a critical and essential factor is to be able to apprehend the other side’s thinking and reservations about using nearshore software outsourcing, before anything else.
In this context, one should acknowledge the importance of talking and listening to prospective customers for their needs before try to sell services to them. Why? For the simple reason that in this manner, he gains the advantage of being able to advise and direct prospective customers to a decision that would be beneficial to both parties (win-win). In any other case, he risks to lose the client. In other words, our theme to prospective clients is “We are not selling to you; we are just helping you to decide in choosing the right nearshore outsourcing partner ” after paraphrasing an Indian shopping window sign I saw years back in Bur Dubai “ We are not selling to you; we are just helping you to buy ”.
Photis Kostamis

Written by Photis Kostamis

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